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Welcome to Seoul Korea Asia dot com, the home of the Seoul Expert! South Korea has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, rising to become one of the strongest economies in Asia. Seoul and South Korea has also begun to gain exposure worldwide with events such as the 2002 Football World Cup and Boryeong Mud Weekend. Recently Added: Learn about the best foods in Korea and the best hotels in Gangnam.

Seoul is a city which is very good also for vacation and holiday accommodation for visitors to the city. There are a number of good quality hotels an option for budget conscious travellers is to rent a private holiday home in Asia. This is a cheap way to spend longer periods of time at your destination and also perfect for the expat, as the villa or apartment will be up to Western standards. You can also find more Seoul Hotels online with local Korean based travel companies. From Europe, flying from London or Amsterdam are the most popular routes. You can check for flight options with KLM from Europe.

Living in Seoul is a unique experience and for those of you looking to teach English in South Korea, this is a fascinating country and one which I can highly recommend. Korean music, food and culture are all aspects of Korean culture you have to experience and a trip to the demilitarised zone between North and South is an excellent day trip tour. Make sure also to check the deals that airlines such as KoreanAir offer from time to time.

The Korean F1 Grand Prix and Seoul Marathon are two events which also attract many people to this country and which help the Korean economy. You can also find also maps and football on this site. UK 19-07-2019  Local Time.

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