5 Best areas of Seoul to book a hotel

Seoul is a city which is colossal in size (approx 405 square kilometres) and has a population of around 10 million people. There are, therefore, plenty of options with regards to areas to stay when visiting the area. Below are some of the best.


This area is right in the centre of Seoul and is a great place to stay for people of a younger Hongdae hotelsgeneration or for those who enjoy an active nightlife. The area has plenty in terms of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and general entertainment. Hongdae offers the perfect combination of location, entertainment and cost and is a good choice.


This is one of the best places to stay for visitors who wish to experience the main tourist attractions of the city as it is within about 5 minutes travel to many of them. Also centrally located in the city it provides a perfect base from which to branch out around the city.

Sinchon in Seoul

Sinchon is one of the more conventional areas for tourists to stay as it is one of the busiest areas In Seoul, providing a great deal of choice to the visitor with regards to shopping, eating and general entertainment.


Regarded as the main fashion district of the city, this is the best area to stay for those who intend on indulging in the many retail opportunities available within the city. There are some classy hotels in this area and some of the cities best restaurants.

Gangnam, Seoul

Gangnam in Seoul is one of the most affluent areas of Seoul which has a thriving business environment as well as ample opportunities to sample top of the range retail. This is a great base if you need to be very central and also will excellent transportation links to all areas of Seoul.

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