Airports guide to South Korea

There are a number of domestic and International airports in Korea, although the majority of international visitors will mostly be familiar with Seoul Incheon Airport. A look below at the main airports.

Incheon Airport in Seoul - The main airlines and large planes fly into this area which is located close to where American soldiers landed during the Korean war. Roughly one hour from the centre of Seoul, Incheon airport is now one of the worlds largest airports and acts Incheon airport and flightsas a perfect location to connect the Anzac countries with Europe also.

Busan Gimhae International Airport - serves the Southern part of South Korea and is also an airport with connecting flights to Incheon airport. This is just over 10 miles away from Busan and is popular for flights to neighbouring Asian countries for people living in the Busan region.

Jeju International Airport - situated on the island of Jeju, a very popular islands for tourism with Koreans, this is the airport which brings in the visitors.

Interested in cheap flights to Korea? You might also be interested in connections by air between Korea and the Rome airports, Italy for European flights. Lufthansa also tend to do some very good deals from Germany to Seoul Incheon airport from time to time.

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