Busan Gimhae International Airport, South Korea (PUS)

Gimhae International Airport is located in the west of Korea and it is the main base for air Busan. A recent expansion has see the development of a new international terminal which has provided this part of Korea with vital links with other parts of Asia, which are crucial for both business and leisure purposes. A large percentage of the flights departing the airport, however, are to domestic locations.

The development of Gimhae International Airport is continuing and one of the projects due to end soon is Busan Gimhae airportthat of the Busan-Gimhae Light Rail Transit, which will improve the connections between the airport and the city of Gimhae. At present the main choice of public transport for visitors to the airport is to take one of the local bus services which run at various times throughout the day.

There is also the option to hire a car or take a taxi.
Gimhae International Airport, which turns over around 9 million passengers a year, is in close proximity to the popular Gangeo Sports Park as well as Gupo National Forest Park, making it a popular airport for tourists to the area.

There are top class business facilities at Gimhae International Airport which are available for hire, meaning that businesses travellers to the area need not travel too far to conduct their business activity, especially as there are a considerable selection of places to eat and drink at the airport. These eateries serve a good range of western and eastern foods to ensure that they cater to all markets. Part of the recent development has also seen an improvement to the shopping facilities.

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