Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea (ICN)

For flying into Korea, Seoul Incheon airport is a huge and impressive international airport which was opened in 2001. It is one of the busiest airports worldwide and has won awards for being the best airport in the world. The architecture is imaginative, modern and extremely accommodating.

There are very few airports in the world which can offer such a wide range of entertainment as can be found here. There is a golf course, a casino and a Korean life Seoul Incheon airportmuseum, meaning that there is certainly no lack of activities to entertain passenger before their flight, especially should they be delayed. The indoor gardens also provide a different waiting environment than can be found in any airport in the world.

Seould Incheon Airport is located approximately 70km away from the city of Seoul but it has fantastic transport links with the city and other local airports to provide efficient flight links. Recent extensions to the Seoul subway system has seen the airport connected to the city in a new way, whilst there are regular bus services to Seoul as well as to other parts of Korea.

Seoul Incheon Airport is government run which means that there is never a lack of funding and the levels of maintenance are extremely high as the government recognise the importance of making a good first and last impression people visiting the country. This setting provides a perfect environment for the nation’s largest airlines which offer flights to all of the main airports worldwide.

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