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39 - Using a travel agents in Seoul can be a very different experience from in the West.

40 - What is the typical way of doing a Korean package tour? Cramming as much into a few days as possible?

41 - Ever been approached by 5 staff members at the same time when in a store. Learn about customer service and staffing in Korea.

42 - In a city such as Seoul, you tend to experience the best and worst of service and very often during the same visit, to a bar or restaurant. And on this basis, read about our Crazy Hook bar and restaurant experiences.

43 - If you ever do visit South Korea, one food you simply must try is Dak Kalbi. Learn more about the best places in Kangnam for Dak Kalbi.

Korean food menu and kichee guide.

44 - The food is fantastic in Seoul and around Korea, but that still does not stop people from appreciating foods from around the world. Learn about Korean and Italian fusion foods, Korean style.

45 - Some non- Korean words can have some very funny meanings when used in Konglish (Korean English). Learn more about Funny Korean translations they we noticed.

46 - Make sure to sample the likes of Jigae, Pibimpap and Galbi if you do visit Korea.

47 - Korean celebrations can be loud, alcoholic and often end with a trip to a singing room.

48 - There are many excellent Korean restaurants in Seoul and many misconceptions and Korean food.

49. What should you expect from the waiters and service in Korea. Read my experiences.

50. An English roast dinner and a good all American steak are 2 meals to live for. Is Korean food amongst the worlds best?

51. Koreans in search of good Korean food might sometimes be pleasantly surprised and other times, very disappointed.

52. Choosing Korean foods the locals way.

53 - Italian coffee and brands in Korea - you can find a lot of Italian culture in Korea.

54 - Some of my favourite markets in Seoul include Mia SamGori and Namdaemun markets and are worth visiting.

55 - To taste some of the best foods, a visit to a traditional Korean eatery is a great idea.

56. What better to start the day than a Korean style breakfast?!

57. Find out more about drinking in Korea and the culture of drinking as part of business.

58. Lear about the drinking lifestyle in Seoul and what it is like when matched against in Helsinki and Dublin.

59. Etiquette, Conformity and culture in Korea.

60. The Korean film industry also plays a vital role in Korean society.

61. You have to experience one of the DVD bangs (rooms) whilst in Seoul.

62. To fully experience Korean culture, trying one of the Norebang singing rooms is worth experiencing.

63. If you love video games, PC rooms are worth a visit and can be found in every city in the country.

64. As well as PC rooms, Room salons for men are also an other aspect of the local culture.

65. Sports such as golf, baseball and football are all very popular especially after the 2002 World Cup.

66. 2002 saw the football World Cup reach the Korean peninsula.

67. People of all ages enjoy the board room cafe bangs which can be found in most cities.

68. Watching Korean television can give you a real insight into the native culture.

69. One of the most popular types of TV in Korea are what are locally called soap dramas.

70. Gyms and Jim Jee Bang’s are great ways to keep both fit and healthy in Seoul.

71. What exactly do Korea and Italy have in common? Anything?

72. Two countries whose foods are an integral part of their cultures. A look at Italian and Korean foods.

73. Plastic surgery is just one thing both Italy and Korea have in common.

74. Being in Seoul for St Patricks Day gives an insight into Ireland and the influence of Irish culture in South Korea, Asia.

75. America has had an influence over Korea for many years. More on America and Korea influences.

76. Extra information on the Korean American past and the future.

77. Visiting a traditional Korean wedding is a great way to experience some real Korean customs.

78. How do Korean couples and business people communicate their moods to others?

79. There are many specifics in Korean weddings including the tea ceremony which take place in a specific way.

80. How does dating occur in Korea and what are the differences in how couples spend time together?

81. If you find yourself in Seoul, it can be worth trying out a blind date. You might get lucky.

82. A few more thoughts on the Korean relatioships.

83. How quickly can things happen in seoul and 84. what should you expect with fast buildings design?

85. In contrast, for some things things can happen slowly in Korea.

86. One very important thing for Korean parents is to try and give their children the best education they can. More so than would be normal in a Western family, with an extra level of competiveness relevant in Korea. Parents here sacrifice a lot in order to try and provide their siblings with a university education (87).

88. Education by memorisation is out topic in this latest chapter on learning.

89. Tourism still is relatively undeveloped in Korea, yet there is so much potential, given the excellent food and culture that greets tourists on arriving.

90. Here we take a look in the future for Korea and what the opportunities for the country include.


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