Guide to South Korean Business, Trade and Freight

Business, trade and Freight - South Korea has risen to be one of the major Asian economies and a centre for business throughout Asia. Below select the page connected to each aea of business in Korea.

Trade and Business Part 1

South Korean economy and International trade. Read about the past and the growth of the South Korean economy and about imports and exports.

Korean Trade and Business Part 2

Learn about two of the biggest Korean companies - Samsung and Hyundai..

Korean Business Part 3

Business opportunities for foreign investors in South Korea. Read more about investing in Korea.

Freight Rates and Forwarding to South Korea

Learn about getting the best Freight rates to Korea and finding a good freight forwarder. Manufacturing is alove and well in Korea and this is none so more relevant than in the electronics industry. Korea is a good country though for many products and seems to produce many of these products very competitively price wise.

Asian Business

In addition to Korea, if you are travelling to Asia on business, business opportunities in China are also worth considering. China is emerging as a real power both for manufacturing and investment and one can only ignore China at ones own peril.

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