Freight Forwarding and Rates to South Korea

Freight by Port

The Port of Busan is the mainlocation for freight into South Korea. This port is located on the Southern tip of Korea and is a major throughfare for freight. A lotof Korean imports and exports go through Busan (also sometimes written as Pusan).

For freight rates to South Korea by air or sea one of the top companies is the UK Freight to South Koreabased RSJ International:

- RSJ International Freight Services Limited.

- Tel: +44 (0)117 932 1160

- Fax: +44 (0)117 932 6572

- Email:

- or

Freight by air

Incheon airport is a large airport and which sees a significant amount of cargo flown in and out on a daily basis. Carrriers such as Korean Air and Luftansa fly regularly to this airport, in addition to a number of cargo carriers.

Sending, importing and exporting freight to and from South Korea

Freight via air and sea is very popular to and from South Korea, with severalexcellent ports and a large International airport.

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