Seoul Local Culture and Customs

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Korea is a not the first country many choose to visit as a holiday destination, perhaps given its slightly out of the way location and also the fact that the country cannot compare with the likes of Thailand in respect of beaches and weather patterns. Korea though does offer a wonderful cultural opportunity with its unique styles of dance and music; its history and what are some quite intriguing museums and palaces; its delicious and mouth-watering foods; and its people who tend to be very kind and welcoming. Make sure to take a look at our culture related pages below:

The Music

Korean music is really quite unique and based on traditional values and rituals. It is very hard to describe here in writing and is certainly an experience. Music also comes in the very popular form of singing rooms (known locally as Norebangs). Music is very important to Koreans and is noticeable in all aspects of the local culture.


It is perhaps true to say that most countries people's enjoy festivals and celebrations of sorts and Korea is certainly no different in this respect. Seollal, Memorial day and Buddha’s birthday are just a few of the holidays celebrated. Many of the days copy the American style calendar. More on local festivals.

Sauna and Spa

In a big bustling city such as Seoul, the need to escape and relax is important for many people. Add onto this the fact that many younger people live with their parents and you can see why both the youngsters (and also their parents and grand-parents) are often in need of somewhere to go to relax. What are known as jjimjilbang are the answer!

The People

I am not sure of your impression of Korean people but my personal experience is that I found and still find the local people incredibly friendly, hospitable and kind. I have made many great friends in Korea and feel that the people are one of the very reasons to visit this country.

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