Dorasan Station, Korea. Mount Kumgang, North Korea

Mount Kumgang – tourist destination in North Korea

Mount Gumgang is considered by Koreans one of the most beautiful spots to hike in the Korean peninsula. It has beautiful valleys, rock formations, waterfalls and almost completely untouched nature. Attractions within Mount Kumgang Park include Samil Lake Photo of Pyongyang paradeand Guryong Waterfalls that, with their 74 metres drop, are the biggest waterfalls in the Korean peninsula. Mount Gumgang is located in North Korea and foreign tourists have been allowed in only since 1998; however, until 2003, it was only accessible by boat. In 2003 Hyundai Asan started running the first buses transporting tourists from South Korea to Mount Kumgang.

Hyundai is in charge of building the road and all the tourist facilities around Mount Kumgang, such as Geumgansan Condo (for accommodation), Onjunggak (a base camp for hikers with shops and restaurants) and a golf course for affluent South Koreans, which is in the process of being made.

As Mount Kumgang is located in North Korea, there are some restrictions that visitors have to be careful about. For example, the use of some electronic equipment (MP3 players, mobile phones, laptop computers) is forbidden and the use of cameras must be limited and cameras with a telephoto bigger than 160 mm are not permitted. Also, tourists cannot introduce newspapers or magazines.

Dorasan station – the railway connecting North and South Korea

Dorasan Station is located on the Gyeongui line, which once connected North and South Korea and is the last station in South Korea before the North Korean border. Dorasan station has recently been restored, but trains do not still run between North and South Korea. However, on the 17th of May 2007, the first train runs were made between the two Koreas. The tests included two five-car trains with 150 people aboard, one departing from the North and another from the South. Both trains returned on the same day after spending a few hours on the opposite side.

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