North Korea (Football, airports, islands and history)

Below a look at North Korea from a travel and access point of view.

Yeonpyeong Island, Korea - is an island which sits in a precarious situation given its location between North and South Korea. Learn more about the island itself.

North Korean football team - Having played in the 2010 World Cup, the North Korean national team have played well in recent years. Little though is still know of the team and North Korean flagdomestic football seems to be not a big thing at this time.

Sunan-Pyongyang-Airport, North Korea - is not an airport many Westerners have had the chance to fly to or from, with flights limited for foreigners. This airport is the main airport serving North Korea.

North Korea 1 - for an introduction to the history between North and South Korea.

North Korea 2 - a look at investments in the past into North Korea and the demilitarised Zone which seperates the North and South.

North Korea 3 - a look at Mount Kumgang and the importance of this site for North and South relations.

Travel to North Korea - can be restictive in that you canno tjust go anywhere in North Korea and cannot so easily get a visa. This could very well change in the future.

Research on North Korea - for some academic information on reserach that has been doen on North Korea.


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