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North Korea is a small and compact country which has a rich but in many ways a dark history. North Korea like any country thus has its definite attractions with a unique history and culture. If you have the chance to visit North Korea it is a fascinating location in which to find oneself - a surreal place in many respects. Cost wise, traveling North Korea is cheap due to the currency and poverty thus the main cost you will incur is getting to North Korea Pyongyangfrom afar. The bad news in this respect is that at present independent travel is not permitted by visitors from outside of the country. If you wish to visit you must do so on an organised tour.

There are also a number of other restrictions on ones movement and behaviour within the country, so if you are the free spirit type then this perhaps isn’t the country for you. If however, you are not this kind of person, or if you can pretend to be for a short period of time there is plenty to justify the experience, and just because there are restrictions it does not mean that it is in any way an unpleasant experience. The people of North Korea are friendly and welcoming whilst the culture is something to behold.

As well as the capital city, Pyongyang, there are plenty of other small towns to choose from, and in many of these towns you will not find many conventional tourist commodities meaning you will be assured to have an authentic experience. There are a number of mountainous regions which have quaint villages and provide the opportunity to cleanse one’s soul.    

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