Yeonpyeong Island, Korea

Although technically there is an entire group of islands of mainland North Korea which are referred to collectively as Yeonpyeong Island, the main island of the group is also referred to as Yeonpyeong Island as an entity in its own. By referring to this island as the “main” island within a group, it may give the impression that the island is large. It is, however, a relatively small island which is approximately 7km squared.

Within the island of Yeonpyeong, the main congregation of people is in and around the port as this is the quickest way in and out of the island and is therefore the best place to conduct business and take advantage of any visitors to the island. Something that is most commonly associated with Yeonpyeong is the local crab dish called Kumouuri. This crab is commonly found of the coast of North Korea and the way that the locals on Yeonpyeong serve the dish is always popular with visitors to the Ireland.

The population of Yeonpyeong Island is approximately 1600 and largely consists of fisherman who are attracted to the plentiful waters around the island. The island is fully equipped with shops, a market, schools and a number of historic buildings. There is also a good network of roads around the island making it easy to navigate. There is a rich history of fishing which the Korean government is doing its best to preserve after the recent military action here. 

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