Yook-Sam or Building 63 in Seoul, South Korea

DLI (Daehan Life Insurance) building, also called Yook-Sam, or building 63, is one of the tallest skyscrapers in South Korea (249 metres high) and it is located on Yeoudo Island, in Seoul, overlooking the Han River. DLI Building is called Building 63 because of the number of its floors, even though three of those floors are underground, so the observatory is Yook-Sam building Seoul viewactually on the 60th floor. Building 63 is also called the Golden Tower, because its exterior is covered in golden reflective glass.

Building 63, in Seoul, was completed in 1985 and at the time it was the tallest building in South Korea. The lower floors host a shopping mall, an IMAX theatre, a convention hall, a banquet hall and an aquarium. Yook-Sam also has various restaurants between floors 56 and 59, offering Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western dishes. The observatory is located on the 60th floor and from there it is possible to enjoy a good view of Seoul.

How to get to Yook-Sam (Building 63)

You can get to Yook-Sam (Building 63) by subway and get off at one of the following stations: Daebang Subway Station (Line No. 1, exit 6), Yeouido Subway Station (Line No. 5, exit 5), Yeouinaru Subway Station (Line No. 5, exit 1). Outside each of these subway stations you will find a free shuttle bus to Yeoido.

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