About the author of 'Living in Seoul' - Paul Symonds

1st March 2011 - writing from Cardiff, UK

Thank you for visiting this site about 'Living in Seoul' a book which I have written over the period of 2 years. Living and working in Seoul was such an interesting experience, and i had Paul eating in Seoulso many things that I wanted to put down on paper that it all ended up as a full length 180 page book.

I have now decided to publish the book online, one chapter at a time, for everyone to hopefully enjoy reading. If there are any publishers out there though, or anyone connected to a publisher, I would love to hear from you. It would be great also to get this book put into print form.

If you have any comments, thoughts or questions about this book 'Living in Korea' then email me now!

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Bringing you Books on Seoul Korea. A non-fiction book about this authors experiences in Seoul, South Korea.

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This book covers culture and travel in Seoul, Korea.

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