Photo of BYC English Institute in Kangnam, Seoul.

Kangnam is one of the best areas of Seoul i.e. one of the most affluent and one where many people like to meet up, given its central location. In the photo you can also see BYC Institute - one of the leading English schools. Stock free image. - Back to Photos main.

View if Kangnam in Seoul

If you are an English teacher in Korea, you will almost definitely find yourself at some point, walking through the heart of Gangnam (Kangnam). One of the leading book stores which stocks English written books is situated in the area and that certainly attracts a certain number of tourist and native English teachers to Kangnam.

There are so many restaurants and bar hofs also that you will most likely at some point drink in Gangnam if you live for any more than 1 month in Seoul.

South Korea & Seoul stock free photos - photo by Paul Symonds

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