A Korean lady in the folk village in Seoul. Stock free Seoul, Korea photos

Photo of a Korean woman walking as the Korean woman holds an umbrella, to protect from the sunshine. I took this photo in the Korean folk village. - Back to Photos main.

Korean lady with umbrella

South Korea & Seoul stock free photos - photo by Paul Symonds.

It can be very interesting as a Westerner to visit somewhere such as South Korea. It is in complete contrast to see people protecting themselves from the sun (which is probably quite sensible), compared to let us say an English lady who would be baking her skin in the sunshine and damaging her skin. The Korean way in this respect seems more logical to me. Still, it is a site which one may not be familiar with and this is what makes traveling to different countries and different cultures, so interesting.

This stock photo photos is by Paul Symonds and is free for you to use.

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