Opposite Kyobo Book shop in Gangnam (Kangnam)

Back to Photos main - Photo of Gangnam (also spelt Kangnam) facing Kyobo book store in Seoul. Kangnam Gangnam is one of the main areas of Seoul, South Korea. Kyobo is a large book shop on the corner.

am Gangnam Seoul

It is very common for people in Seoul and South Korea to walk hand in hand even if involves two men together or two women together. It is a sign of an affection i.e. friendship in Korea and does NOT refer to homosexuality necessarily. In the photo above for example, two men hold each other as they wait to cross the road. You will also see the man of the motorcycle waiting to cross the road. It is a common sight in South Korea to see motorcyclist taking advantage of pedestrian crossings as a place for them to ride across, to save time.

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