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Kangnam street market

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Boryeong Mud Festival

One of the most interesting festivals I experienced whilst living in Korea was the The Boryeong Mud Festival, a festival which takes place on the west coast of South Korea and which is popular with foreigners teaching in Korea and with the locals. Take a look also at another 4 festivals we feel make up the best 5 festivals in Korea annually.

Top 4 Destinations in Asia

Top 4 Destinations in Asia - Read about 4 great places to visit in Asia on your travels. Where can you find floating houses, the best foods and Giant Catfish? Need more great reasons for visiting this part of the world?

Reasons to go shopping in Asia

Learn about shopping in Asian countries including South Korea, Japan and China. Read more about the shopping habits and some benefits of shopping In Korea, Asia.

The Best Of

Read our favourite 5 Korean foods that are a must try if you visit Korea in the coming years as a tourist or on business. We also look at if the Korean or British girls are best and we would love to get your thoughts!

Why visit South - 5 Reasons

There are many very good reasons to visit Korea and we look at 5 reasons to holiday in South Korea, including for its culture and food. You might also enjoy reading our notes from Korea with some random experience and thoughts whilst there.

What does Korea have to offer and what should one see and do? Many Korean love locations such as Jeju island and the KTX and travel by air are good ways to get around. More on Travelling Korea as a visitor.

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