5 Reasons to try a holiday in South Korea

There are so many destinations all around the world to choose from when deciding where to go on your holiday. Some people choose to always stick with conventional beach holidays, whereas for others there is the desire to experience new cultures and ways of life. For those who fit into this category and are deciding where to go next, here are 5 reasons to choose South Korea.

The Culture

The culture in South Korea is so very different from cultures such as one might find in Europe or in North America. There is a lot of benefit to be taken from visiting different cultures and we can learn so much about the rest of the world. In Korea expect a very different way of doing things in a country where things are very done at the last minute. Even buildings seem to be thrown up at the last moment and constructed suddenly within days.

Korean History

South Korea has a rich history, both good and bad, which can be explored during a visit to the country. There are a number of grand museums covering a range of interests as well as a number of historic buildings and sites of interest.

Local Foods

As is evident from the popularity in the UK and around the world of food from the Far East, the food is high quality and there is plenty to experience.


The weather in Korea is consistently hotter than that here in the UK, and for much of the year it is considerably hotter. There are plenty of outdoor activities for the visitor including a selection of beaches. In the summer time there can be torrential downpours with monsoon like rains sometimes, whilst the winters can often be more bitter than an average British style winter. Be prepared for real cold in winter and muggy heat in the summer.

Feel Like a Giant

On average the size of people in South Korea is much smaller than in the UK. So if you are fed up of just being one of the crowd, head to South Korea and stand head and shoulders above the rest. Stood in a lift (elevator in American English) you might become very conscious of your height when stood there surrounded by the locals.

4 of the finest hotels in Seoul

Seoul is one of the largest cities in the world and is home to some 10 million people. The city is the capital of South Korea and is fast becoming a very popular city for tourists to visit with many things to see and do. You certainly won’t be short of hotels to choose from but today we wanted to highlight some of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

Renaissance Seoul Hotel – Official rating 5*

High speed internet access, close proximity to the city airport and a wealth of luxurious facilities make the Renaissance a firm favourite with the regular Seoul visitor. An ideal choice if you are in South Korea on business.

Grand InterContinental Seoul – Official rating 5*

The Gran is unique in this list as it attempts to fuse Korean tradition with a modern hotel atmosphere. The others offer supreme luxury (as does the Grand) but where the other hotels attempt to bring a westernised and standardised hotel feel to Seoul, the Grand attempts to blend into its surroundings. There are 535 bedrooms and the excellent standards with great on-site facilities make this a perfect choice for business and leisure travellers alike. (https://seoul.intercontinental.com)

JW Marriott Seoul – Official rating 5*

The Marriott is the closest hotel to the airport and is situated right in the heart of the capital’s entertainment and shopping district where you can choose from a wealth of retailers, attractions and of course sample some of the tantalising local cuisine at the many world-class restaurants. The Marriott is the choice for the city traveller that’s visiting Seoul for a short amount of time and doesn’t want to waste precious minutes in taxis going to and from a hotel in the suburbs.

The Ritz-Carlton Seoul

Located in the Kangnam district in close proximity to a wide array of commercial property, the Ritz-Carlton is without a doubt the hotel to choose if you are coming to Seoul on business. It recently earned the highest customer satisfaction rating for a hotel in South Korea, ranking number one for customer satisfaction out of all the hotels in the capital in a study conducted by the Korean Productivity Centre. If your expenses account allows it, consider one of the 47 opulent suites which offer spectacular views across the city skyline. 

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