5 Korean Foods you must one day try

The cuisine in South Korea is diverse and rich. There are literally thousands of dishes you could try from the region, all of which are bursting with flavours which will take you out of your day-to-day dietary monotony. Below are some of the dishes you simply must try:


This dish has an unusual combination of tastes as it is a mixture of marinated, stir fried meat with sugar and sauce. It is a common dish which generally has beef as a main Korean foodingredient although it can also be made with other meats. Bulgogi is a dish which is very popular with tourist who visit Korea and also a favourite with many Korean people.


For the lover of spicy foods this is the perfect starter to any meal. It is a spicy soup, although on occasions it can be found in a milder, less intense form. The main ingredient is beef and it is generally served cold.

Deungsim Gui

This dish is made up of small sections of steak, which traditionally are cut at the table, and on occasion the food is even cooked on built in devices in the table. Generally it is served with sesame seed oil and soya sauce. This is delicious and if you only try one food on your visit to South Korea, try Deungsim Gui.


This is one for the seafood lover who likes to try seafood served in different ways. Jeongol can be served as a seafood stew or casserole and usually contains octopus and jellyfish amongst other seafoods.


In Korea the cow is seen as a commodity that should not be wasted. This dish is made from the ground up bones of the cow, with additional ingredients and seasoning being added in accordance with the customers taste.

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