Top 4 Destinations to visit in Asia

Looking for something different?  Plan your next holiday to explore the nature of Asia and the wild freedom it has to offer.  Whether you are the conservative traveler use to luxury and comfort or the backpacker ready to explore, here you can combine it all in one perfect trip. 

Korea, bringing history back to life

Korea is like a hidden secret, where most people still prefer the traditional way of life.  A Yongpyoung skiingplace where people still strongly belief that culture and traditions are of most importance.  Large temples and churches will allow you to explore Koreas Buddhism and Christian history. 

More than just a view, Korea has something to offer everyone’s tastes.  Interesting alcohol histories and tales of legends will come to life, when you smell the aromas of fruits, flowers and herbs.  Hundreds of different beverages to try, leaving the aftertastes of fruit and flower wines never to be forgotten.  With strong culture, wonderful food and the festive traditions, Korea brings history for you to explore.

The ¨Oriental Pearl¨ of Asia:

Shanghai, also known as the Oriental Pearl, allowing you to experience the Chinese charm.  Shanghai is more than just a blend of Eastern and Western cultures, but a shopper’s paradise.  With a walk down Nanjing Road and North Sichuan Road, you can find a wide variety of shops at affordable prices.  More than any other Asian country, Shanghai has the most interesting markets, with isles of bright color fabrics, freshwater pearls and the famous insect market. 

Although shopping is one of the major attractions in Shanghai, it also attracts a lot of other visitors for its beautiful gardens, oriental cuisine and friendly hospitality. 

Rice terraces of Asia:

Vietnam, a tapestry green and blue, surrounded by hills of rice fields and a coastline dotted with small fishing boats.  With a strong history of war stories, this country brings a light and soft touch to any tourist.  Enjoy the fine arts history of the town Hanoi, the imperial capital of Hue, the coast of Hoi An, and of course the dynamic Saigon. 

Take a walk or a bicycle along thousands of floating houses and historical museums.  Vietnam provides you with all the necessary resources to experience true Vietnamese hospitality. 

Thailand combining nature and luxury:

Open your mind up to the wonders of Thailand and the bright blue and green colors of the Andaman Sea.  Andaman coasts are known by many as the world’s leading diving spot, white sandy beaches, luxury accommodation and interesting cuisine.  There is nothing more rewarding, then finding a place where you can experience tropical forests and crystal waters all on one island.  Whether you are interested to see the Giant Catfish, an elephant, or just interested in a relaxing day on the beach, Phuket is the perfect island to explore it all.

So get ready for Asia, white sandy beaches, tasty cuisines, shopping in Shanghai and trip to the rice terraces of Vietnam.

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