Guide to Travelling South Korea

The strong culture of South Korea makes it an extremely attractive option for those who want to go travelling. There is so much to experience in terms of the way the inhabitants live their life and the philosophies that they follow.

On a practical level South Korea is quite easy to navigate as it is reasonably compact and has good transport links. This means that you can travel Lotte World Seoulalmost anywhere within the country within a few hours, and an added benefit to this is that the cost of public transport in South Korea is very reasonable.

At most train stations the information is provided in Korean and English making navigation much more simple then you would imagine. There are a number of smaller airports around South Korea which are a good option if you need to get somewhere quickly and make sure to consider Jeju island - a very popular location for Koreans.

In terms of where to travel in Korea, it would be a shame if you did not travel further than Seoul. Although it is a modern city with plenty to offer the traveller, there is also plenty to experience elsewhere in the country. The countryside is stunning, and it is a good idea to go on the famous KTX high speed bullet style trains which are quite an experience.

There are plenty of events and attractions around Korea, including the Everland Amusement Park and the Korean F1 Grand Prix and even an amusement park inside a shopping mall. Yes, you read correctly - an amusement park inside a shopping mall. Lotte World in Seoul is an experience to behold. You can often see the weird and wacky in Korea and Lotte World is one such experience.

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