Korean girls v British Girls

Yongpyoung skiing

I have been living in Seoul, South Korea for 2 years teaching English and a surprising but common question I often get asked by the male students and businessmen are - what are the differences between Korean and English/British girls? And do I like Korean girls.

Well, I like girls no matter from what country as I am sure you all agree that beauty comes in many styles, shapes, colours, sizes and looks. There are certainly a lot of differences between Korean girls and British girls though if I am allowed to generalise (which is how culture is defined).

Korean Girls

  • Often very slim (sometimes too slim and sometimes nice slim).
  • Brought up much more traditionally and often look after the home and cooking (especially on the holiday weekends for large family gatherings.
  • and especially so if your husband is the eldest son).
  • Kind and sweet.- Can turn into Adjumas (scary old women) when they are older.

British Girls

  • Not so slim but more to cuddle.
  • More liberated and open minded, but more aggresive and want a lot more independance.
  • Cost a lot more to feed them LOL :)

Yongpyoung skiing

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