Reasons to go Shopping in Asia

You’re most popular destinations for shopping in Asia could be narrowed down to, China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Shoppers visit Asia yearly for the benefit of dealing directly with the suppliers.  Goods are offered in bulk and shipping costs are usually included. Popular clothing brand names now manufactured Asian shoppingin China, making it a dream for any person with a brand fetish.  

How many times do we open a catalogue in the post, and put off by the high prices of electronics.   Well now it is as easy as getting all that at wholesale prices, on your next holiday.  The latest electronics all branded and ready for purchase in places like China, Korea and Thailand.  You will be amazed in the variety available. 

The shopping hours in Asia are ideal for anyone´s travel schedule.  In most Asian cities the shops close at 20h00 pm, and others are open 24 hours a day.  With your shopping you can enjoy the most wonderful sightseeing and still en the day off with a asian sunset and a green tea or a Korean coffee. 

Shopping Information for Korea:

Shopping Districts in Seoul:

  • Namdaemun, known to the the largest wholesale market.
  • Tondaemun, known for the fact that you can bargain a good price for goods.
  • Insa-dong and Changanp`yong, this would be the antique markets (Korean has wonderful antiques).  Also known as the largest antique markets in Asia.
  • Koyndang, this market is also known as the ¨doctor´s market¨ Oriental medicine market.

Shopping Information for Thailand

Most popular shopping places in Thailand:

Phuket´s most popular market would definitely be the Chatuchak market.  Affordable clothing brands and shoes.

Bangkok attracts millions each year for the Jatujak Weekend market that adds color to anyone’s holiday.

The legendary shopping mall in Asia, MBK (Mah Boon Krong) has only one word to describe this mall ¨everything¨.  It is a large shopping mall, offering good affordable prices and very popular amongst tourists.

Jewelry Shopping in Vietnam:

Vietnam is the perfect place to go for gems and jewelry.  Traditional craftsmanship ready to design and create that flashy piece of jewelry you have always dreamed of.  This time it is so much easier to have someone design your jewelry and create it, returning home with something you only dreamed before.  Vietnam is such an amazing destination for any traveler. 

Shopping Information for China, Shanghai

We have all heard about shopping in Shanghai.  The question still remains, have you been?  If not, this 2009, Shanghai – shopping has allot more to offer travelers visiting China.   Larger shopping malls, with opening events, making prices even less expensive.  Make your way to the famous Nanjing Road, where you could be stuck your entire Asian holiday. 
Asian shopping may not always be a walk down Fifth Avenue in New York City, but definitely the same brands at your fingertips, just less expensive.

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