Thoughts from the East: Living in Korea

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Parking in Seoul, Korea

One thing I experienced in Korea which impressed me a lot in terms of logic, is that when there are not enough parking places, people sometimes block other cars in and leave their mobile phone number on the other car’s dashboard. When the people you blocked in arrive back at their car, they call you and you shift your car. When I saw this idea, I was impressed by the system – a system that solves a problem in a crammed city like Seoul. I am not sure if this is a popular idea or even if it is still happening, but when I saw it I liked the idea. In terms of utilising space in a crammed city such as Seoul, I was also very impressed with the way in which you can park your car. There are car-parks in the middle of the sky rises which have one small entrance and inside, there is a rotating lift which moves your car up to a parking space, kind of like a big wheel which lifts cars. Another example of using space is with the way in which golf driving ranges can be built and exist in the middle of office blocks. This also surprised me.

Best Schools to teach English in, in Seoul

Many native English speakers have taught English in South Korea and there are certainly many good schools, universities and private institutes in which to teach, in addition to being many bad ones.

When you first arrive in Seoul and find a job teaching English it can be very random as to if you get a good school. The issues if you do not include having issues getting paid and having a problem to get your end of year bonus. There are many very good places to teach though and the majority of English, Australian, Kiwi, Canadian and American teachers have good experiences.

Our top 3 places to work in Seoul, South Korea are though:

  1. Direct English, Seoul - Teaching 1-to1 and with the chance to work in an area such as Gangnam our personal experiences have been very good with Direct English.
  2. Avalon English Institure Seoul.
  3. The British Council.

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10 best things about Seoul, Korea

For fun, I thought on this blog I'd list my 10 favourite things about Seoul, so here goes!

  1. Dak Galbi.
  2. The palaces.
  3. Brilliant public transportation (taxis are plentiful and real cheap and subway system excellent.
  4. Everland.
  5. Lots of bars and restaurants.
  6. Easy access to an Intetrnationsl airport.
  7. Shops open most hours of the day.
  8. More Dak galbi!
  9. Korean people are very friendly.
  10. ..and another plate of Dak galbi

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