Reasons to Visit South Korea

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Known as The Land of the Morning Calm, the fascinating nation of South Korea has grown into a thriving tourist destination.  A looo below at 5 basic reasons to visit the Korean Peninsula.  From kimchi to taekwondo, the worldwide influence of Korean culture has increased dramatically in recent years.

1. Korean Culture

First and foremost, is the enduring Korean culture. In spite of serving as a major crossroads for northeast Asia, and a center of historic economic development over the past fifty years, South Korea has retained its ancient cultural roots. Defying the fate of other nations who have been quickly transformed from a traditional agrarian culture into a modern industrial economy, This nation of 50 million people  has somehow managed to hold onto its unique customs and traditions.  The Korean people are kind and hospitable.

2. The cuisine

Though similar in many respects to other Asian cultures, is delicious and distinctive.Korean food is characterized by many spices and the frequent use of fermentation. Tempting specialties, ranging from royal to common dishes, are destined to excite the most discriminating of palates.

3. Shopping

For those who enjoy a good international shopping spree, South Korea has done everything possible to keep its bargain hunting visitors busy around the clock, including the famous Dongdaenum night market.  Major shopping centers are often located near spectacular amusement parks.  Therefore, children and families love to visit South Korea.

4. Landmarks and attractions in Korea

Aside from the capital city of Seoul, there are many cities and national landmarks of interest to visitors. The old historic city of Kyongju offers an impressive display of ancient palaces, traditional Buddhist art and pagodas.

5. Natural Wonders in Korea

South Korea has been blessed with many natural wonders, which may be of interest to sightseers and outdoor enthusiasts. There are any number of wetlands and waterways to entice the senses. Climbers, bikers and hikers will want to take advantage of South Korea’s seven pristine mountains.

Traveling to South Korea is convenient and efficient. Incheon International Airport has been selected as the world’s best airport, on several occasions. Throughout the nation, visitors will enjoy modern accommodations and transportation services. U.S. travelers with a current passport, are not required to obtain a visa to visit South Korea.

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