Living in Seoul, South Korea - the book

Introduction to Korea

Get started with the book on Living in Seoul with the introduction.

Chapter 1 - Konglish and English Korean style

A look at the people of South Korea and a look at some Korean English (Konglish) and some of the ways of speaking English in Korea. There are some localised expressions which change the way of speaking English. Read Chapter 1 - Konglish and English Korean style

Chapter 2 - The unusual and Funny side of South Korea

Korean football fans at the world cupFrom a foreigners point of view, there are some unusual and funny way of doing things in Korea. For a Korean travelling to the UK or United Stated there will be similar observations in reverse. Read Chapter 2 - The unusual and Funny side of South Korea.

Chapter 3 - Transportation in Seoul (KTX, Metro, buses and cabs)

Seoul has an excellent transportation system and one of the best metros in the world, perhaps second only to transport in Barcelona, Spain. Read our guide and insight into Seoul local transport. Read Chapter 3 Transportation in Seoul (KTX, Metro, buses and cabs).

Chapter 4 - Korean logic and way of thinking

The way of thinking in South Korea can be very different from in other countries. Learn about every day experiences in Seoul and a Westerner's perspective of the local culture. Read Chapter 4 - Korean logic and way of thinking.

Chapter 5 - Eating, restaurants and food in South Korea

Food and especially Kimchee (Kimchi) are a vital part of Korean culture and Korean take great pride in their food. And what is this fascination with stewed cabbage called Kimchi?

Chapter 6 - Drinking culture & Alcohol in South Korea

One thing which is very visible and noticeable when working in South Korea is the drinking culture and influence alcohol has on both the business world and social set-up.

Chapter 7. Entertainment Korean style.

So what do people in cities such as Seoul and Busan do to unwind and to have fun? Read about Korean style entertainment and what goes on in Korea.

Chapter 8 - Korea and around the world

A look at how Korea compares to other countries around the world with a comparison between cultures.

Chapter 9 - Weddings and Marriage

Many English teachers end up marrying Korean's and here you can read of our experiences at a Traditional Korean wedding and more on marriage in Korea.

Chapter 10 - Love, dating and marriage

Koreans can be quite innovative in the way they meet partners and there are many customs for getting married. Read about Love, dating and marriage in Korea.

Chapter 11 - Fast Paced Korea

Things can happen both very fast and very slowly in Korea.

Chapter 12 - Education

Education, High and Middle School and University life play a vital role in Korean life. Huge emphasis is put on education and with it comes many pressures for the students. More on education and university in Korea.

Chapter 14 - The Future for Korea

Korea has come so far in such as short time and now sits as one of the top Asian economies in the world. So what next for Korea and its future?

Chapter 15 - Health and Safety

A controversial subject arguably but a subject which does reflect on the speed and way of doing things in Korea, and a fascinating subject area. Health and Safety in Korea.

Chapter 16 - Westerners in Korea

Korea is one of the most homogeneous country's in the world. but stil there are many Westerners who descend on the country each year. So why do Westerners visit Korea?

Chapter 17 - Korean Habits

People say you cannot stereotype and this may be true. Every country though has its habits and styles and this is how we define culture. More on Korean habits and style.

Chapter 18 - The Face of Modern Korea

Korea is developing at a rapid pace and we thus take a look at the face of modern Korea and what to expect in the future.

Chapter 19 - Notes from Korea

An English teachers diary notes from Seoul, Korea as he settles in and gets to grips with a Korean way of life.

Chapter 20 - Voice from Korea

Here we take a look at how Korean people often see themselves with the results of a series of conversations with Korean themselves. Voices from Korea.

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