Chapter 1 - Korean people and Konglish

Korean people and Konglish - Ready to read:

1. Koreans generally speak a combination of American and British English and sometimes this is combined with Konglish. Confused? Learn more. (Page 16)

2. Shakespeare English and Meeting friends in Seoul. - More about Korean English and an introduction to socialising in Seoul. (Page 17)

3. Seoul, South Korea & education and English learning.

4. There is a tendency to abbreviate English in Korea, in a Korean friendsway that a normal English speaker will not understand. What is a DMF or a CCC?

5. Being the eldest son brings its own culture to Korean living and lifestyle. The eldest son considered to be responsible for helping to ensure the parents are okay. Read more about Elders and customs in South Korea.

6. Out and about in Seoul. Shopping and the local markets in the city.

7. There are some excellent restaurants and food in Korea. Read about eating out in Seoul and South Korea.

8. Problems in Seoul - being a foreigner in another country is not always easy.

9. Logic and living in a foreign country - Read more....

10. Sleep, work and people in Korea - there is a very strong and often hard work culture and sleep is not the first thing which tends to get priority...

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