Blind dates, dating and group meetings in Korea - 81

The process in Korea is set up excellently for meeting a partner and I wish the same system has existed in England when I was at school. I was a very shy kid and that does not bode well for finding a girlfriend. It is not easy to go up to a stranger and ask them out/for a date. In Korea, a wonderful solution to this problem exists with the idea of ‘Group Meetings’. Similar to blind dates in Western society, these meetings usually involve three or four people from each sex, all going out on one date together.

In addition, blind dates are very common and popular. Blind dates are in fact, the most common way for Koreans to find a partner. Blind dates of course, are still difficult and it Dating a Korean girlwas always interesting when students always told me about their blind date experiences. Teaching one-to-one, students were almost always very open and talkative even about private matters. Sometimes too much, as though being a Westerner, I was well outside of the students normal circle of family and friends thus they could talk to me about anything and freely. Many other teachers experienced the same type of discussions. These discussions will always be confidential of course.

Koreans can sometimes be very shy when it comes to approaching people of the opposite sex thus many Korean men look for an intermediary, when they want to meet a girl they see in a public place. This is the reason why venues called ‘Booking’ are so popular in Korea. They are similar to discos, where young single people go to meet people, but in ‘Booking’ clubs, if a guy is interested in a girl he informs the waiter, who in turn, brings the girl to the table. The guy will buy the girl a drink and the girl can decide how long to stay or not stay at the table with the guy.

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