Chapter 12 - Education in Korea (Hogwans, University and Middle School)

Education is taken extremely seriously in South Korea, with parents often sacrificing everything financially in order to give their children the opportunity to get on top educationally speaking. Some children go to evening school and weekend lessons and a lot of pressure exists to do well ins school i.e. much more so than in a Western school. Below our pages on education in Korea.

86. Korean Education and Studying

Education in South Korea copies the format of the United States with the Middle School and High school system, followed by University. Start reading about education in South Korea.

87. Getting into University

There are some world class universities in Seoul including Ewha Womand University, Yonsei, Seoul National and Korea University. Learn about university life in South Korea.

88. Memorisation and the Education System

How does education in Korea compare with the way of learning in countries such as the UK or the United States. Learning varies as we take a look at the Korean education system.

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