Chapter 14 - The Future for South Korea

Korea is a fascinating country and one which continues to evolve at quite a pace. Things certainly change fast here and the leaders seem to be constantly looking for new ways to introduce business to Korea, to bring in visitors and investment.

89. Bringing Tourists to Korea

There is a lot to attract visitors to Korea and none more so than the food and unique culture. Some wonderful palaces, unique PC bangs, Dak Galbi, Kangnam, Bek-se-ju. Does one need any other reasons to visit Korea?

90. Future Opportunities

There is so much potential for Korea and despite having already achieved so much in recent years, there is much that can still be achieved in Korea. Here we look at the future opportunities for Korea.

91. Threats and Solutions

Whart are some of the ways in which South Korea can continue to evolve as a country and rising economic power?

92. Multimedia World

One thing which South Korea certainly excels in is technology and the idea of a technology park might not be the worst idea ever considered.

93. Making I.T. World work

How could a multimedia or I.T. World in Korea actually work and what would it involve?

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