Opportunities in Korea - 90

(Continued - The future for Korea)

Technology and tourism

Korea is great at technology and Korea can look towards a form of what I will call ‘technological tourism’. I have no doubt in my mind that Korea would create something Seoul attractionsinnovative and great in this form.

History and culture

As people become more globally aware, Korean history is waiting to be discovered

Promoting Korea

Promoting Korea as an ‘Asian cultural’ package, i.e. visit the beaches of Thailand, experience the wonderful history of Korea and enjoy amazing ‘Great Wall of China’.

North Korea

North Korea. The problems with North Korea deter visitors, yet it could be what would attract huge numbers of tourists once Korea unites one day in the future. Westerners are very curious about the unknown and North Korea is probably the most hidden place in the world at this time.

Business Capital of Asia

Promoting and developing Seoul as a business capital for Asia. The geographical position of Korea can be considered negatively but it can also be considered very positively. Negatively, Korea is further from Europe than other Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore and Korea is also further from the U.S. than a country such as Japan. On a positive, Korea is placed centrally between Western Europe and Australia and it is placed on the way to the U.S from Eastern Asia.

Business travellers and other visitors need to be given a reason to stop over though (unless they have otherwise planned to stop off in Korea), even if it is only for a few days. Something in terms of a technology park would seem a very positive way. More about this and also about Samsung's Chin Daeje’s work in the next chapter.

Notes: Expressed as ‘man li jang seong’ or ‘ man li jang sung’  in Korean.

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