Chapter 18 - Modern Korea

Korea is now becoming a mix of the past, present and future with a wonderful history, a fast changing modern generation and an avid interest in the future - especially given Korea's interest in technological development.

100 - Employment and the 386 Generation

The way of thinking is different with the latest generation, as opposed to how things were in Korea in the 1980s and 1990s. More on the Korean 386 generation and working in South Korea.

101 - Birth rates and Graduate Employment

Next we take a look at the latest generation by starting with birth rates, looking at graduate employment and pension funds and the possible future for investment in Korea.

102 - Korean Hospital Experience

Asia is of course a different continent and culturally even hospital visits can be quite a cultural shock for a Westerner. In a country such as Korea, where large extended families are used to living together, the same way of having (or not having) privacy is the same in many situations - as I experienced in my Seoul hospital visit.

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