Chapter 19 - Diary Notes from Korea - 106

Just arrived from England and as a new teacher in Korea, with a job in Kangnam (Gangnam) South Korea, this chapter is a set of emails which were sent to friends back home about my experiences.

103 - Getting Started in Korea

The first few weeks and new experiences living in the heart of Seoul. Germany to Korea business class and sub zero temperatures in seoul. Learn more about the first few weeks in Seoul.

104 - Stormy Seoul

A look at the stormy Korean weather which can happen with the severe downpours and rip roaring thunder and a look also at the technology that Korea produces.

105 - A Haircut Korean Style

Nothing everything is as you would expect it to be in Seoul and one such experience for me was when getting a haircut.

106 - Working in Seoul

Working in Seoul teaching business people one to one can be a great experience and a wonderful way to experience Korean culture.

107 - Food in Korea

If there is one reason to visit Korea then food is worth the visit. Food is a vital part of Korean culture and a great benefit of living in Seoul.

108 - DMZ Korea and the Dora Observatory

The history between North Korea and South Korea is ongoing and the no go area between the two is a sensitive location. More on the Dora Observatory.

109 - Music and the Opera

Living in Seoul, Korea means that there is always an abundance of arts and entertainment and this includes Korean operatic music.

110 - Beer Drinking

There are some very good drinks in Korea and along with the likes of Beckseje, the beers KGB and Cass are always welcome on a night out in Seoul.

111 - Cloudy Seoul

Further notes and dealing with conversations in classes on everything from cloud formations to cyclones.

112 - Blue Santa Claus

Christmas is not celebrated in Korea in the same way it is in Western countries such as the UK or USA. If you are lucky though, you will get a few days off for xmas, but look at for the blue santa's.

114 - Gecko's Itaewon

Xmas time involved a trip to Gecko's in Itaewon. Also a look at the guitar playing President in this latest diary post.

115 - Kimchi for breakfast

A lot of ingredients in Korean food are excellent for ones immune system. Chill pepper, tonnes of garlic and kimchi (even for breakfast) can make you strong.

116 - Visiting Thailand

Living in Korea for a year may seem like a holiday to many but when there working 5 days a week year round, a holiday whilst on a working holiday works well! Diary notes on the holiday in Thailand.

117 - Valentine's in Korea

Walking around an area such as Gangnam on Valentine's Day, you will see many couples in the local bars and restaurants.

118 - Yellow Dust from China

Roughly the same time every year, the air can become even more polluted than ever as the yellow dust from China is blown by the winds, towards and into Korea.

119 - Eye Shopping

Korean have some colourful expressions and one might at first wonder what Eye Shopping is. Read also about Korean pancakes and sesame leaves.

120 - Teacher with a small brain

Teacher with a small brain and other experiences from the Korean diaries.

121 - A day at the horses

Whatever your age, there is something to do in Seoul, whether it be a visit to Everland, a day in a sauna, eating kinchi all afternoon or a day at the races.

122 - Getting Muddy on Daecheon Beach

The summer months are always busy trips wise and a weekend on Daecheon Beach enjoying Boryeong Mud Festival was quite an experience.

123 - Korea Top 10

A chance to read ten things about South Korea which you may not have considered or did not know.

124 - Leaving Korea

All good things must come to an end as they say and after 2 years living in Kangnam Korea, it is time to return to the UK.

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