Chapter 2 - The unusual and Funny side of South Korea

Introduction and first impressions of living in Seoul, South Korea

1. Language and confusion in South Korea - Language, pronounciation and the way one interprates language can make for some funny situations. 'Toilet' and 'To Let' are certainly not the same!

2. South Korea might not be the first place you think of when looking for a beach location or holiday. Read about Korean beaches and the mud festival.

3. South Korea has became a business power in Asia over in he 21st century with the might of companies such as Samsung and LG. Get ready for all of those business cards when you visit Korea.

4. Everyday tasks and cultural differences in Korea make life interesting for the visitor. Going to a post office in Seoul can be a quite difference experience. Read more..

5. Korean supermarkets and Shinsaegae, Seoul Bus Terminal.

6. Warcrafts and more supermarket culture in South Korea.

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