Korean Beaches and Boryeong Mud Festival - 27

Boryeong Mud Festival

On the beach - In July 2004, we visited the annual ‘Boryeong Mud Festival’, on the East Coast of Korea and it was the first time I had seen women stood knee deep in the ocean still fully clothed with their handbags still in their hands. It was not just the women but also the men, who for the most part, were fully clothed and in the ocean.

Most people were wearing shorts and showing no more than the bottom half of their legs. It reminded me in some ways of the Americans, who even in the “Land of the free” are not Boryeong Mud Festivalallowed to sunbathe topless (that’s the women I mean). There are some beaches, such as Miami Beach, where it is accepted but is illegal. There are also some nudist beaches in America, but on the whole, going topless on most beaches nation-wide could get you arrested, especially in the ‘bible-belt’ in places like Virginia Beach.

Being from Europe, it is common for women in Germany and France to go topless and many times naked, in public places for sunbathing. Take a visit to the English Garden next time you are in Munich and you will see what I mean. Or perhaps do not take a trip to the English Garden if the site of naked flesh will embarrass you. Caribbean Bay, which is a water park area within the large amusement Park in Korea called ‘Everland’, just outside Seoul, (website everland.co.kr) is a bit different. It is the one place where many teenagers hang out in their bikinis and swimsuits.

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