Chapter 20 - Voice from Korea

Writing about Korea, I have tried to give as honest account of my experiences as I can but if it often better to hear the thoughts of the local people themselves. For this reason I talked with hundreds of Korean people and asked them for their own views on a number of subjects and issues about Korea. This chapter is the results.

Big Issues facing Korea - 125

There is no one better to know of what the issues are in Korea than the locals and here we find out that issues including traffic, education and the economy are on most people's minds.

Best Things - 126

What do Korean people consider to be the best things about their own country?

Words to Describe Korea - 127

What words would Koreans use to describe themselves if given the opportunity? Find out the answers.

Further views from Koreans- 128

A further look at the thoughts and views of Koreans on Westerners and how Westerners might see Korea.

What can be improved in Korea? - 129

The question was posed for many Koreans on what they felt could be improved in Korea. View the results.

Best attractions in Korea - 130

There is so much to do in Seoul and throughout Korea. So what attractions do Koreans themselves recommend to tourist visiting their country?

Final Thoughts on Living in Seoul - 131

A final look at how it was to live in Seoul, Korea.

The Next Book - 132

'Real Koreans' and a look at the lives of real people and a day in their typical life. Coming next.

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