Chapter 4 - Korean Logic and Lifestyle

Korean logic and lifestyle

1. Read about the Seoul subway system and life underground in the Korean capital.

Local transport in Seoul2. Confucianism is popular in Korea and influences many parts of every day life.

3. Given the very short holidays that the average Korean worker gets, it is no surprise that booking a vacation is done differently from the way one usually would in Europe or North America. Read my Korea travel agents experience in Seoul.

4. Getting as much crammed into a very short time seems from my experience to be a typical way for Korean travellers. If you have only 1 week off in a year then you might want to do as much in a short time as you can.

5. Customer can be the best and worst in Korea and my experiences in places such as Crazy Hook Bar and Shinsaegae supermarket are discussed.

6. One of the best places for a beer and meal in Kangnam, South Korea, read more of our Crazy Hook bar experiences in Seoul.

7. There are some Korean foods that tend always to be very popular with Westerners and one of these in Dak Kalbi.

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