South Korea's best Dak-Kalbi - 43

Not far across the road from Crazy Hooks we used to go to a Dak-Kal-Bi restaurant by the name of ‘Choon-cheon’. Great service! Great Dak-Kalbi! And very friendly staff! If you are in the area of Kangnam any time, stop by there. In fact, most places are very good and the service is great. As a Korean abroad or foreigner in Korea, what is the best and worst Dish of Dak Galbiservice and best/worst restaurant you have come across? I am interested to know. Email me and let me know.

With there being are so many restaurants in Korea, due to the vast importance of food to Korean culture, it means that there is a need for a lot of service staff and as a result, a lot of the service jobs are filled by young people; young people who really would prefer not to be doing the work. When we did receive excellent service, it was more often than not, when a middle-aged woman was serving us.

In every situation bar none, when we received bad service, it involved a member of staff who was of University age. In one particular bar/restaurant, every week many of the staff were new and they seemed untrained and equally disinterested. Overall though let us remember, the service is good and visitors to Korea will be impressed with the food and large number of restaurants. Now let us talk about food more.

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