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In the Subway

One of the most logical and illogical places in Korea is the Seoul subway system. When you get to the platform, as mentioned earlier, the exact places where the doors will open are Subway system Seoulmarked along the platform - Marks on the floor, signal where you should line up. The trains always stop exactly where they should and this makes it far more organised than say the London Underground, where it is more if a free for all. Inside many of the subway trains in Seoul, there are television sets, which often seem to show Korean comedy.

Even more impressive is the fare system, which is very simple and very cheap. Unlike the very complicated fare system on the London Underground (where there are five different fare zones and also different fares for day tickets, week tickets, season tickets etc), the Korean system is extremely simple to understand.

Making the subway stations even more impressive than other world cities such as London, NYC and Paris, is the fact that the station platforms sometimes have a newspaper kiosk and also a couple of coffee machines. Furthermore, people who find themselves caught short, will appreciate the fact that the stations all have a toilet and it is always well sign posted and usually very clean. Commuters in London and New York will probably know the value of this fact.

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