Chapter 5 - Korean Food and Kimchi (Kimchee)

Enjoying Korean foods.

44 - Koreans embrace the chance to try new foods and here we take a look at Italian and Korean foods with the Korean fusion style twist.

45 - Things can easily get lost in translation between East and West and this is no more prevalent than in South Korea. Learn about Lost in translation in Korea and some funny food spellings.

46 - Words such as Jigae,Kimchi, Pibimpap, Bulgogi and Galbi sum up some great Korean foods for those who have spent time in the country.

47. Koreans now how to celebrate as good as anyone, and the alcohol is sure to flow. Learn about Korean birthday party celebrations and more.

48. Westerners very often have a strange expectation on Korean foods. Learn about what to expect.

49. Service can be the very best in the world and the worst when heading out in Seoul. More on Korean service.

50. Where does Korean sit in terms of the worlds best foods.

51. Can you buy good Dak Kalbi abroad? What can you expect of Korean food outside of Korea?

52. Every considered the difference between hot and cold foods Korean style?

53. Korea, coffee and Italy - for a look at some comparisons between Italian and Korean cultures.

54. The markets in Korea sell a lot of very fresh foods including veg, fruit and fish and in many places in the cities. More on Mia SamGori and Namdaemun markets in Seoul, Korea.

55. A visit to a traditional Korean restaurant can be a great experience but uncomfortable for a tall Westerner.

56. You might also enjoy eating a traditional Korean breakfast with the help of a little jigae.

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