Korea, Italy and Coffee - 53

Italian culture is very prevalent in Korea, in many ways, and none more so than when it comes to food and fashion. Go to a café anywhere in Korea and you will find a variety of Italian coffees and some Italian desserts. Try some ‘tiramisù’ as you drink a ‘cappuccino’, ‘espresso’, ‘caffé latte’ or ‘caffé macchiato’.

After your coffee, take a walk around certain areas of Seoul and you are likely to see young women with a Gucci or Armani handbag, products from Versace, Tod’s, Fila, Ferragamo, Italian coffeeof Europe.

Koreans love coffee shops and they spend hours sat in them. It is a vast difference to in Italy where people usually stand up and drink the coffee (usually an espresso in the morning) within one to two minutes before leaving. Coffee shops in Korea have a different purpose, with the prices of coffee much higher than in Italy, double and sometimes triple the cost in Korea.

The idea though, is that you are welcome to stay as long as you want in a coffee shop in Korea, i.e. no one will have any problem with you buying one coffee and taking up a seat or table for several hours. With the high price of coffee in Korea, you are in fact paying as much for the seat as the coffee.

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