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Korean Garlic and Kimchi

We have mentioned garlic a few times, with garlic being an essential ingredient in some Korean foods, such as Kimchi. Literature on the Seating style in Koreabenefits of garlic, in medical journals, leaves us in little doubt how good it is, because it boosts our immune system. I do not know if you ever smelt garlic at 7am in the morning, but as a teacher, it was something that I experienced many times.

Teaching one-to-one, sitting face to face across a small table from a Korean businessman, housewife or student, with the smell of garlic drifting across the table so early in the morning, this teacher still blurry eyed and half asleep but attempting to teach, it can be difficult.

I love eating garlic but not for breakfast. I never did get used to those garlic mornings and it was a relief that I eventually moved onto the afternoon and evening teaching slot.

(Korean food in fact has a lot in common with Korean food in that garlic and fresh produce is vital to both cuisines. Learn more about restaurants in Rome, Italy and Italian food).

Seating in traditional restaurants Korea

There are generally two types of seating arrangements these days in Korean restaurants: The old way and the new way. Newer style restaurants usually have seating with chairs, which is more Western in style. The traditional restaurants though have low tables, which are only about a foot off the ground.

One must sit on a small cushion on the wooden floor - most people taking a crossed leg position. For many lanky westerners such as myself, it is just too painful, maybe because we simply are not used to it and we have not been brought up with the flexibility that many Korean people seem to have.

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