The World’s Best foods - 50

Over dinner, friends and I have often discussed what the best single meal in the world is and it seems clear that whatever country one is from, that meal often will end up being from the same country as the respondent.

English Sunday Roast dinner

Korean BanksIf I had to name my one favourite meal from everything I have tasted in the world, I would have to say that it is a ‘British Roast Dinner’. Roast potatoes, roast beef (or pork),stuffing, carrots, sprouts, turnip, green beans andgravy.

Sat in an English countryside pub with a pint of Guinness watching a live Premier League football (soccer for Americans) game and with a big fat Sunday edition of one of the ten national newspapers, is always something special to experience on the weekend.

If you ever go to Britain, try a roast dinner in a pub in a Sunday.

Kincki Jigae

In Korea, I have a strong feeling that Kimchi would be mentioned many times if I were to ask. I like Kimchi a lot myself. If there is Kimchi on the table in front of me, I often eat a lot of it. In terms of Korean food, without question my one favourite meal though is Dak- Galbi. I always ate it once or twice a week. In addition to Dak-Galbi, I loved Kimchi Jigae and also Bulgogi.

New York Strip steak or Delmonico Steak USA

In the United States it’s difficult to say exactly what the best food might be. It is of course personal choice but for me a big fat juicy steak, whether it be a New York Strip steak or Delmonico is unbeatable. In Korea steak is popular particularly with young people. Visit one of the dozens of American chain’s ‘Outback Steakhouse’ in Korea and the tables are usually full on weekends. Americans and most other Westerners seem to like Korean food a lot, whilst many young Koreans ironically, seem fascinated quite often with Western food. I say ironically, because Korean food is very healthy and full of nutrients and thus it seems a shame to see Koreans filling the seats in places such as McDonald’s and Burger King.

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