Chapter 7 - Entertainment Korean style

60. There have been some great Korean movies in recent years that have gained worldwide attention and acclaim.

61. With a lack of space in a lot of homes for large families, youngsters often love to watch movies in the DVD bang rooms which are similar to movie libraries in a way.

62. If you enjoy singing along with drinking, singing rooms called Norebang's are something you are bound to come acrss in Seoul, Korea.

63. Bangs (rooms) also come in the form of PC Bangs and here you can see dozens of people often playing the likes of Star Crafts.

64. For men, there are also what are known as Room salons, in Korea.

65. Tae Kwon Do is a popular sport in Korea, whilst golf has also gained a lot of fans.

66. More details on the interest in soccer in South Korea and a look at the World Cup.

67. if you enjoy a game of Chess or any other board game, you will love the board games cafes.

68. There is nothing people love more than television in Korea. Comedy and singing shows are especially popular.

69. For those who do love television, soap opera dramas are always popular.

70. Keeping fit and healthy is more than possible with many good gyms in all locations.

Korea is a fascinating country when it comes to entertainment and Koreans are very creative in finding new ways of keeping themselves amused. Many traditional forms of entertainment such as Paduk, (a game played on a chess like board and which is always on TV), kite flying, Hwa-t’u (a card game) and Ssirum (a type of Korean wrestling), are now supplemented by new forms of entertainment, in Korea.

Norebangs (singing room), DVD bangs (DVD room), Room Salons (usually for businessmen), Game-Board café’s and bowling alleys are a few examples. The most popular form of entertainment in recent years, seems to be the Korean film industry, which is thriving and gaining respect throughout Asia and the World.

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