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Game Cafes in Seoul, Korea

This is a great idea and it is something that I saw for the first time in Korea. I have not seen board games cafes in other countries, but I am sure they will catch on in some countries in the future. In a country such as the UK or U.S. though, I think they could never exist, because people could not be trusted to not take or steal the games pieces or even Board gamesthe games themselves.

In Korea people seem honest in this way and this means that this type of entertainment can exist. The cafe is not really a cafe but usually a very nice large room, in a shop like area (often above bars/restaurants), with dozens of tables dotted around the room. Behind the reception counter you usually have a variety of games, in excess of twenty-five games to choose from.

In addition, in some board game cafes, there is a PlayStation 2 area at the back of the cafe, which houses dozens of PlayStation units, some with very large screen television screens with reclining chairs so that you play PS2 games in total comfort and style. To play games it is very cheap, often at an average of £1 (2000 won) an hour and the atmosphere is always good, although a little noisy.

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