Korean Room Salons - 64

In order to try and be open about all aspects of Korean culture, it is only right to also mention room salons as a form of entertainment in Korea. There is not really something that is similar in Western countries, as far as I know, and even if I did know, I wouldn’t admit it because I have just got married and Italian wives can be very jealous.

You must have heard the stories of Italian wives finding out their husband has cheated, the wife will then cut every one of his suits and every item of clothing up into small square pieces and throw the pieces out of the window. Such things have happened before in Italy. Maybe this happens in Korea too, I am not sure. A room salon is basically a room where mostly businessmen go, often to entertain clients and in the room you can:

  • Order drinks and food
  • Have women serving you, the women often topless (nothing sexual happens)
  • Enjoy some Karaoke, singing, watch TV, talking and hanging out with the women and your colleagues

In many ways, you could compare the room salons to the traditional 'Working Mens Clubs' in the UK, although a tamed down version i.e. without the women.

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