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My views here could be misguided, but having spent numerous hours working out in Korean gyms, I have watched many hours of Korean television. With many televisions throughout Popular Korean TV showthe gym, and also having discussed television habits with hundreds of students and spent plenty of hours flicking through the T.V. channels at home in Korea, I have found the following to be true:

The four most popular types of programme (program in American) on Korean television and these can be categorised as:

- Comedies.

- Soap operas (sometimes known in Konglish as soap drama’s).

- Singing/music shows

- News (very often with news of either the President, a protest march or news of the Korean football team).

Korean Comedy Show

Comedy shows are plentiful on Korean television and they are always showing something wacky and odd, yet something often quite amusing even for the warped Western sense of humour. A large percentage of the shows seem to involve audience members or celebrities, inventing new funny dances or singing whilst something strange/funny goes on behind, near them or to them.

In American and Britain the humour is very different. The main style of humour in the United States is stand-up comedy, with many stars such as Eddie Murphy, Woody Allen, Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy having started as stand up comedians. In Britain the humour is based on what people call ‘Toilet Humour’. Toilet humour expresses the silly situations or sexual innuendoes, which make up British humour. Mr Bean and Benny Hill are example of classic British humour, whilst more recently, the movie ‘Love Actually’ is an example of sexual innuendoes used. An example in the movie Love Actually is the Margaret Thatcher joke, where they see a picture of her on the wall and someone remarks that she must be a “….bit of a goer”.

This is typical of British humour and in this case means she must be quite energetic in bed in a sexual way, particularly funny perhaps because she was known to be a very tough woman and you wouldn’t immediately think of Maggie when you think of the ideal woman sexually. It is very difficult to translate humour betweens cultures, but it is difficult not to laugh sometimes when watching Korean comedies, whether you laugh at the actual comedic scene or just the fact that what is being shown is just utterly ridiculous, which seems to be the point.

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