Italy, Italian food and Korea - 72

The temperament may be somewhat similar, but the food is not. Food from both countries is of good quality, both countries offering a variety of dishes. It is true that both countries use a lot of garlic and both use fish a lot in their food but there, the similarity ends. The food from both countries is really very different in fact. Many Italian foods are popular in Korea; foods such as pizza, many pasta dishes and many Italian desserts, but this does not mean that the food is the same.

Korean food for example, uses:

  • A lot of rice
  • Some spices
  • Herbs such as ginger
  • Kimchi
  • Food is often cooked on a grill
  • A lot of meat

Italians in comparison:

  • Use a lot of cheese, ham and salami (cured pork meat)
  • Wine is used also to cook
  • Desserts are more common
  • Bread is very often eaten with meals
  • Soy products are rarely used. Instead, more herbs such as basil, parsley, celery, sage and rosemary are used (in comparison to ginger etc in Korea).
  • Food is usually oven cooked
  • A lot of pasta is used (in comparison to rice in Korea). A lot of tomatoes (which Koreans do not use in their traditional cuisine). In the north of Italy they use rice, but cooked in a different way than in Korea. As for the chilly pepper, in Northern Italy they prefer mild dishes, while in the South, chilly pepper is used, especially in a region called Calabria (the toe of Italy). In Calabria they use a lot of chilly pepper, in addition to chilly pepper based pastes that they spread on bread and which are hotter than Korean dishes (I think Koreans would love Calabrese cuisine). Italians eat lamb and rabbit meat, as well as pork and beef.
  • Italians normally use olive oil (Koreans use sesame oil).

Finally, although this may perhaps sound obvious, some vegetables and herbs used are different because there are vegetables that originate from Italy that Koreans do not have and vice versa.

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